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Let Prosperity Capital help you finance the business essential equipment
you need, from any vendor, private party, or auction. 

Preserve Your Cash

Our strategic mindset aimed at safeguarding your financial resources, by offering no down payment and low upfront costs.  

Fast Approvals

Experience the speed of success with our lightning-fast approval process. Say goodbye to delays and hello to quick decisions.

Competitive Rates

 Our Competitive Rates Ensure Affordability Without Compromising Quality. Stay Ahead with Budget-Friendly Options Tailored Just for You.

Flexible Terms

Experience the freedom of choice when it comes to the type of loan, length of term.  We empower you to shape your journey with ease

Section 179 Write Off   

Enjoy the luxury of writing off the full purchase price through Section 179, making your investment even more rewarding. 


Our expertise extends across all sectors, empowering your business to thrive in it's respective field. 



Hotels & Resorts



Auto Repair

Dry Cleaning




Computer Hardware

Funeral Homes



Janitorial Services





Waste Management

Call Centers & Offices

Healthcare & Hospitals

Industrial & Manufacturing

Medical Laboratories

Tanning/Hair/Nail Salons

  • What is Equipment Financing?
    Equipment financing, alternatively referred to as equipment loans or leases, provides businesses with the flexibility to obtain necessary equipment for operations without using their operating capital. Payments are made over a defined period, enabling businesses to manage costs effectively.
  • What benefit does equipment financing offer?
    Equipment financing provides numerous advantages such as capital preservation, tax benefits, streamlined cash flow, and access to cutting-edge equipment. Being among the leading equipment finance firms, we comprehend business requirements and offer adaptable financing solutions tailored to meet them precisely.
  • Which equipment type are eligible for financing?
    Our flexible equipment financing solutions encompass an extensive array of assets, spanning from machinery and vehicles to cutting-edge technology and essential tools. Whether your requirements lie in construction, healthcare, or IT, we offer tailored financing options to suit diverse industry needs and equipment types. Just as long as the equipment is essential to your business we will finance it.
  • What is the process for getting approved for equipment financing?
    We streamline the process by offering an online application, needing minimal documentation for transactions under $150K (Invoice, drivers license, and voided check) Renowned for our efficiency, we prioritize a hassle-free experience for our clients.
  • What criteria are taken into account for the approval of equipment financing?
    When assessing equipment financing approval, we meticulously review credit history, financial stability, business tenure, and the equipment involved. As a leading equipment finance firm, we adopt a comprehensive strategy, collaborating with businesses across diverse circumstances to provide tailored solutions.
  • Is it possible to secure equipment financing with a limited credit history or poor credit?
    Absolutely, we recognize the distinctiveness of every business. While we do consider credit history, our evaluation encompasses a broader perspective, taking into account factors like revenue and business tenure. We warmly welcome applications, even from those with limited credit history or imperfect credit.
  • How do equipment leasing and equipment financing differ from each other?
    Equipment leasing entails temporarily renting equipment for a designated period, whereas equipment financing grants ownership of the equipment upon completion of the financing period. Leasing facilitates equipment upgrades, while financing ensures ownership privileges at the end of the term.
  • Do equipment financing options offer any tax advantages?
    Equipment financing often comes with tax advantages, such as the potential to deduct lease payments or claim depreciation on the equipment. As a leading equipment finance provider, it's crucial to seek guidance from a tax advisor to fully grasp the tailored tax benefits relevant to your situation.
  • What happens if the equipment becomes outdated or requires replacement?
    We consider exploring potential options within your financing agreement, including equipment upgrades or lease-end buyouts. Engage in a discussion with your lender, a leading equipment finance company, to grasp the extent of flexibility afforded to you in these circumstances.
  • What Does Commercial Equipment Financing Entail?
    Commercial equipment financing offers a tailored financial solution aimed at assisting businesses in obtaining essential equipment for their operations. By eliminating the need for a substantial upfront investment, it enables businesses to access the equipment they require, proving to be a cost-efficient option across diverse industries.
  • What is the process behind commercial equipment financing?
    Commercial equipment financing involves obtaining funds designated specifically for the acquisition or leasing of commercial equipment. Tailored financing terms, such as interest rates and repayment schedules, are crafted to align with businesses' individual requirements. This solution enables businesses to procure essential equipment while safeguarding their working capital and sustaining cash flow.
  • Which types of equipment are eligible for financing through commercial equipment financing?
    Commercial equipment financing encompasses a broad spectrum of equipment utilized across different industries. Whether it's heavy machinery, construction equipment, technology infrastructure, or commercial vehicles, businesses have the flexibility to finance essential equipment. This financing enables companies to bolster their operations and propel growth effectively.
  • What is the mechanism behind equipment financing?
    Equipment financing operates through collaboration with a reputable equipment lease and finance firm. We provides cost-effective equipment loans and leases customized for businesses spanning diverse sectors such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, food services, technology, energy, retail, and professional services.
  • What are the rates and terms associated with equipment leasing?
    Specializing in equipment leasing, we provide businesses with competitive rates and flexible terms tailored to their needs. Our rates are determined by factors like creditworthiness and the leased equipment, ensuring affordability. With options ranging from short-term to longer-term leases, we accommodate diverse business requirements. For personalized details on rates and terms, our experienced team is here to assist you. Contact us today for bespoke solutions.
  • What's the process for applying for an equipment loan?
    Complete the application form by filling essential information regarding your business, equipment requirements, and financial particulars.
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